The Hidden Value of a Video Production Company

Experience in any industry can go a long way in creating a polished final product. Whether you’re in engineering, construction, or marketing; there’s something that just can’t replace the knowledge that comes with a seasoned professional. The same can be said about video production. While creative industries like this are more crowded with freelancers and do-it-yourselfers, there’s still nothing that beats the value and return on investment (ROI) that a full-fledged, experienced video production company delivers.

When you need your video on a tight budget; have a short time window, or unique geographical planning, video production companies are your best bet for a smooth process. Even if you’re more lenient on these aspects of your project, going the professional route still saves you money and headaches in the end.

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In the age of the internet – with ever-shrinking attention spans and an increasingly competitive landscape – standing-out and making a strong first impression is still most important. Partnering with a skilled video production company helps you capture positive attention and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

We know it’s appealing to save some money by hiring a freelance videographer, or even shoot your video in-house, but if you’re looking for the most seamless production and polished result, hiring a video production company is the way to go. Below we cover some of the many benefits you can reap when choosing to work with an experienced video production company.

Skilled Video Production Crew

Hiring a video production company gives you more than simply someone behind the camera. You have a cadre of skilled professionals who know their specific piece of the whole video production picture intimately. Rather than having a “one-man-band,” or picking someone within your company to tackle your production, the skilled crew of a video production company combines years of collective experienced in niches that are impossible to gain from other production avenues.

This experience creates a polished final project. The director of photography knows which angles and overall vision for the shoot work best. The gaffer (or lighting technician) ensures proper lighting and shadows. The key grip sets-up all the equipment and ensures everything works properly. There is a ton of technical knowledge needed to produce high-quality videos. And hiring a company chocked-full of skillful professionals assures such precision.

Quality and Reliable Video Equipment

Similar to having a skilled crew, a professional video production provider relies on high-quality equipment. If you’re shooting in a low-light environment, your skilled, professional team has access to special cameras to assure broadcast-quality; regardless of the environmental conditions. If you’re shooting on a city street, excessive background noise that can be hard to edit out is risky for a video novice or thrown together, ad-hoc team.

A streamlined video production company best knows which equipment captures only the sound of your actors speaking by nature. They are familiar with the best editing software to use during post-production. Just like a five-star Michelin meal, the right ingredients, of equipment and crew, have a far-reaching effect on the quality of your finished video.

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Film Budget and Time Schedule

Many skilled people diligently work together at a professional video production company to make it a well-oiled machine to create an amazing fished product. Having this team of professionals at your disposal keeps your video on-budget and delivered on-deadline. Unlike having a one man crew handle all aspects from creative development through post production; your professional production crew focuses on each sequential aspect of the “big picture.”

Each member’s high standard of quality ensures the finished work is the best it can be. They each focus on their special contribution to the production process; trusting that the next professional’s role in this creative process matches their own high standards. No one is distracted by other aspects of the production that doesn’t concern them. When everyone focuses on their role, and trusts that everyone else does theirs, your production moves forward smoothly on time and on budget. One man projects lack focus, and can cost more in the end.

Production Contingency Plans

When something goes wrong during any step of the video production process, a professional production company has the experience and knowledge to quickly formulate the right backup plan. Seasoned production team members have likely encountered many of these obstacles before. Time is money, so when something doesn’t go according to plan, the ability to quickly alter course and move forward saves you money in the long run.

Video production companies have years of experience to know to anticipate what might go wrong before it does, then fix it quickly. Whether it’s the logistics between various locations that extend the shoot length, or a day’s shoot experiences other unforeseen issues, a professional production crew knows the best way to mitigate any surprise challenge problems quickly and cost-effectively.

The best, well-seasoned video production crews are gifted at resolving surprises before they even happen. Sometimes these “unforeseen” speed bumps are become apparent during the creative development stage. Having professionals ensure that your shoot goes off without a hitch.

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Up to Date on Industry Trends

Part of a professional production company’s job is staying current on the latest industry trends: from equipment to editing styles and every aspect in between. They live and breathe this industry. So it’s only natural that they’ll have an intimate understanding of what’s top-of-mind to make you stand out from the crowd. In the competitive world of video and online marketing, this will prove extremely useful when vying for – and growing – your audience’s attention.

Whether it’s the latest camera that captures stunning videos, or a new kind of editing technique that’s eye-catching, your video production company’s industry knowledge will prove fruitful when the final product goes live, making a memorable and positive impression.


All video production companies must have ample insurance. We say must have because many don’t fully grasp this vital component, or disregard the importance of having it. Some don’t even insure their productions at all. But when you carefully select a production company which carries the right amount of insurance to cover the expense of unforeseen glitches, you have peace of mind and trust in your production partners.

Video insurance shows they take their job, and your project, very seriously. One with insurance also helps protect your investment if anything goes wrong. With adequate insurance, your business is protected against damages, mistakes and other unfortunate surprises your company cannot control. Video producers that don’t have enough insurance, or none at all, are simply wasting dollars by trying to save dimes. And when something unanticipated catches them short, it’s your headache when they ask for more money to cover their mistakes.

Finding the Right Video Production Company

We know it’s tempting to save money and either produce your video in-house or hire a freelancer to do it. And while these alternatives have their place, hiring a professional video production company still gives you your biggest ROI. Choosing to create a high-quality video for your company is a most-valuable investment in both time and money, Those two factors are the tipping point in determining who you choose to choose to work with.

At MarzMotion, we have years of experience producing high-quality and professional videos for a number of clients in a large number of diverse industries. Our experience, professionalism and passion create a final video that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression on your existing and prospective customers. Contact MarzMotion today and together, let’s get started on your next, and greatest, video project.

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